Clinical SkinCare
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Name Description Cost
CLINICAL FACIAL After cleansing and examining the skin our expert therapists will decide on the best approach for your skins’ specific needs. We address problems with pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and acne scarring or treating severe acne with our arsenal of clinical skincare. Glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids and vitamin C are used in specific combinations along with oxygen, extraction, hi- frequency galvanic current, and spot specific cases microdermabrasion,LED and microcurrent. We follow that with our SPF and a recommendation of simple homecare to improve your condition. 1 hour | $145
MICRODERMABRASION An excellent treatment to resurface and re-texturize the tissue and promote collagen and elastin production. Great for regenerating acne scars and fine lines and refining pore size. We have a new Dermaglow II professional Microdermabrasion machine that uses aluminum oxide crystals. The skin is first cleansed and dried. Then the microderm wand is passed over the skin spitting out aluminum oxide crystals and then sucking them up. There is a wide range of power so we do what is suitable for your skin and for the results we want. Several passes later we cleanse the skin. We then pass a mist of oxygen with specialized serums across your skin, calming, soothing and healing the tissue beneath. A soothing, Vitamin-infused mask is applied to the skin and an oxygen mask is put over the face. The vitamins start penetrating the new tissue and the oxygen infuses it as a healing and anti-microbial modality. We then give the skin one last rinse and soothe it with oxygen, Moisturizers and SPF. 45 minutes | $130
OXYGEN FACIAL Our oxygen facial is recommended for those with sensitive, sunburned or rosacea skin. We gently cleanse the skin and exfoliate if applicable. Our super soothing serums and Oxygen Plasma are applied with Oxygen. An actual plastic mask is put over the face to allow oxygen to heal the tissue, the oxygen being pumped in is great internally (breathing it) as well as for the skin (oxygen heals and is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Calming vitamin masks are applied, a shoulder, neck and scalp massage ensues before the final application of our soothing and healing oxygen creams. A fabulous treatment leaving your skin soothed, refreshed, hydrated and oxygenated. A half an hour Mini- Oxygen Facial is available. 1/2 hour $80 | 1 hour $130
MICROCURRENT NON-SURGICAL FACELIFT The Perfector Microcurrent Machine is the “Cadillac”of them all. It has programs for Oxygenation, Lymphatic drainage,Non-Surgical Face-Lifting, Scarring and Pigmentation as well as absorption(galvanic-current). This one hour treatment covers it all!! Your skin will never be healthier than after a 1 hour treatment! Not to mention the lasting effects of the lift with the lymphatic drainage. Treatment includes cleanse, oxygenation, lymphatic drainage, lift followed by the needed hydration and SPF.It has a low level electric current that stimulates cellular activity, particularily the production of ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate, which is the building block of collagen and elastin, the energy which powers the cell.The production of ATP increases by 500% which increases dermal collagen, toning and lifting of the tissue.The cells keep producing at this rate for a week ! 1/2 hr | $110 1 hour | $205
HYDROPEPTIDE FACIAL The Hydropeptide Facial consists of the hydropeptide products containing over 60 peptides, antioxident rich botanical stem cells, growth factors and hylauronic acid. It has revolutionized skincare through the power of peptides (amino acids) as messenger molecules that work on a cellular level to increase hydration,visibly reduce lines and wrinkles and enhance skins luminosity. The leader in anti-aging skincare using the correct variety of peptides at clinical levels with continuous repetition for superior anti-aging results. The beauty of luminessent skin without the feel of oils and thick moisturizers! Brilliant! A half an hour peptide facial is available as well. 1 hour | $130
THE ULTIMATE FACIAL For the Ultimate of all facials this one has Microdermabrasion, Oxygen and Microcurrent!! We treat the skin texture and tone topically with our Microdermabrasion machine, cleanse and then follow that with an Oxygen Treatment and a Vitamin mask, then we finish off your skin with a 1/2 hr of Microcurrent Lift! Talk about a total makeover for the skin from the inside out!! 1.5 hours | $240
MICRONEEDLING Sometimes known as CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) microneedling is a safe, simple, non-surgical and minimally ablative treatment for aesthetic improvement. This treatment is used to rejuvenate and vastly improve skin elasticity and firmness, pore refinement, acne scarring, pigmented or damaged skin. It is an excellent treatment without the implications of surgery, virtually no downtime and causes the skin to improve without injected toxins and fillers. This treatment is performed only by Liz (owner) and requires a previous facial or consultation. Numbing cream is applied for 20 minutes prior for a virtually pain free experience. After the microneedling, your skin is washed with the finest oxygen mist containing vitamins and peptides that will immediately start healing and feeding your skin followed with an oxygen mask, then an occlusive aqua peptide mask is applied for further healing and nourishment for a soothing, calming effect. You will leave actually looking good but the skin is very sensitive and tender at this time. In two days you wont even know except your skin will be glowing! (series of 4-6 recommended (10% discount) 2 hours $350
FRENCH SERUM add on $10
GLYCOLIC/LACTIC ACID 15 min. add on $60
MOLDING MASK 20 min. add on $30
COLLAGEN SHEET MASK 20 minute add on $25
BIO Roller with Serum $45
LED Therapy 30 minutes with facial $30 | $50 without
Oxygen Add - On 10 minute add on $30

Offering the latest in advanced clinical skincare technology on Kauai, specializing in the treatment of acne, anti-aging, pigmentation, scarring and rosacea.  Our Salon is the only Kauai Day Spa offering micro-current treatments with the “Perfector” (the most powerful and effective of all micro-current machines), as well as LED, Oxygen, Micro-needle, Microdermabrasion as well as Peels of all types and strengths, serums, molding masks, and collagen sheet to name a few modalities in our arsenal.

Re-texturizing and non-surgical lifting of the skin not only gives you an instant facelift but makes your skin produce 500 times more ATP (adenosinetriphosphate) which is the building blocks of collagen and elastin for 5 days following the treatment.